Classics Reading List

First a warning: this has absolutely nothing to do with astronomy, but it is analogue.

I love reading, and I love reading classic literature, and whilst there’s is a classic canon of astronomical literature (perhaps to be defined later), mostly it doesn’t qualify on the grand scale of things. So for the moment you’ll have to indulge me 😉

So below is a list of books that I consider to be “classics” and aim to read by the end of May 2025. The books are listed in alphabetic order of the author’s surname. There are many great books that aren’t on my list because I’ve already read them, they don’t float my boat, or I’ll be reading them next.

I will read all of these in English, and perhaps some in French and Greek where appropriate as well.

My Classics Club reading list

  1. Aeschylus: Oresteia
  2. Aesop: Aesop’s Fables
  3. Amis, Kingsley: Lucky Jim (completed September 2021)
  4. Arendt, Hannah: The Human Condition
  5. Aristophanes: The Clouds
  6. Aristotle: Poetics: Norton Critical Editions (completed December 2020)
  7. Austen, Jane: Pride and Prejudice (completed February 2021)
  8. Balzac, Honoré: Old Goriot (completed June 2021)
  9. Boccaccio, Giovanni: Decameron
  10. Boethius: The Consolation of Philosophy (completed May 2020)
  11. Borges, Jorge Luis: The Aleph (completed May 2021)
  12. Bosco, Henri: Malicroix
  13. Bulgakov, Mikhail: The Master and Margarita
  14. Bunyan, John: Pilgrim’s Progress
  15. Burgess, Anthony: A Clockwork Orange (completed April 2021)
  16. Camus, Albert: The Stranger
  17. Chaucer, Geoffrey: The Canterbury Tales
  18. Dick, Philip K.: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  19. Dostoevesky, Fyodor: The Idiot
  20. Eliot, George: Middlemarch (completed March 2021)
  21. Goethe, Johann: The Sorrows of Young Werther
  22. Gogol, Nikolai: Petersburg Tales (completed July 2020)
  23. Hardy, Thomas: Far from the Madding Crowd
  24. Heller, Joseph: Catch 22 (completed August 2021)
  25. Herodotos: The Histories
  26. Joyce, James: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (completed October 2021)
  27. Kafka, Franz: The Trial
  28. Kavan, Anne: Machines in the Head: Selected Short Writing
  29. Kempe, Margery: The Book of Margery Kempe (completed September 2020)
  30. Macauley, Rose: What Not (completed July 2020)
  31. Mahdi, Muhsin: The Arabian Nights
  32. Marlowe, Christopher: Doctor Faustus (completed July 2021)
  33. Ngugi wa Thiong’o : A Grain of Wheat
  34. Nietzsche, Friedrich: Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  35. Plath, Sylvia: The Bell Jar
  36. Plato: Apology of Socrates
  37. Pushkin, Alexander: The Captain’s Daughter: Essential Stories
  38. Said, Edward W: Orientalism
  39. Saint-Exupery, Antoine: The Little Prince
  40. Shi Nai’an: Outlaws of the Marsh
  41. Shikibu, Murasaki: The Tale of Genji
  42. Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr: One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
  43. Stendhal: The Red and The Black
  44. Sturluson, Snorri: Prose Edda
  45. Thackeray, William Makepeace: Vanity Fair (completed November 2020)
  46. Unknown: The Mahabharata (completed June 2021)
  47. Unknown: TĂĄin BĂł CĂșailnge (completed September 2020)
  48. Wilder, Thornton: The Bridge Over San Luis Rey (completed January 2021)
  49. Woolf, Virginia: The Waves
  50. Zola, Emile: The Attack on the Mill (completed October 2020)